Brand storytelling that resonates with your audience

I weave your story and expertise together to create clear, compelling narrative, whether a newsletter, brochure, white paper, course materials or other long copy. 

Editing and Story Editing
Maintain a clear, compelling voice

I’ll make sure your story and voice are consistent across multiple platforms and authors.

What's in a name? A story.

From etymology to linguistics, site history to ethnography, I’ll help you find a name that captivates investors and buyers alike.

Your audience doesn't just want to learn. They want to be moved, to feel something.

Engage their hearts. Bring them into the story. Allow them to have visceral experience that bring your data or ideas to life.
That's how you resonate.

testimonial author
Sarah is one of the most creative minds I have ever encountered. And if it has to do with writing I truly believe (and her resume shows it) she can do anything.”
Paul Belserene
Senior Strategic Storyteller, Envisioning + Storytelling