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In the late aughts, if you were a resort developer, and you wanted to create a place people would love, you hired Envisioning + Storytelling to map out your vision and strategic story (today, you’d hire BB&Co). That’s what the principals behind Wyndansea did, when they were creating a world-class resort in Ucluelet, on the scenic and serene west coast of Vancouver Island. Aside from hiking, kayaking and whale-watching opportunities, the resort was to include a Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course.

As one of two storytellers on the project, I conducted extensive strategic research, attended the two-day Envisioning session and co-authored the strategic storyline. The storyline was just the beginning: from it came a number of sales tools, including a 44-page storybook published solely for early buyers. This sample includes three select pages from that book. I also wrote the treatment, storyboard and script for a seven-minute sales video; I field produced the location shoot, interviewed Jack Nicklaus, cast the voice talent and directed the recording session.

In case you’re wondering why so much of this is in the conditional past tense, the resort went bankrupt prior to buildout. If you’re ever on Vancouver Island, it’s better not to speak of it.

Project: Wyndansea