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Every university has a viewbook, but some universities have individual departments that warrant their own material. The Engineering school at the University of British Columbia is one such institution. In order to write about engineering, though, I first needed to understand the different types of engineering—what students learn and how that might be applied in the real world. Then, I considered the type of student drawn to engineering (no pun intended), and I wrote for that prospective student, as well as that student’s parent.

This was the second time, with Kaldor, that I used Myers-Briggs type characteristics to identify and write to a specific psychographic profile. It’s a generalization, to be sure, but in both cases, I found it helpful in choosing language and sentence structure that would have the greatest impact on the reader. (In case you’re wondering, after extensive research, I determined that the majority of prospective engineering students would be ISTJ, which meant I was more direct and less evocative; I used straightforward sentences and fewer metaphors. The copy includes many references to thinking, designing and solving…and not so many to feeling, ideating or intuition.)

Client: Kaldor Brand Strategy + Design End client: University of British Columbia School of Engineering