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One of the oldest and most cherished ski resorts in Maine was sold to a new owner, much to the consternation of owners and staff, as well as locals in the small town nearby. In New England, traditions and families run deep, and change isn’t often well-tolerated. Boyne Resorts engaged Envisioning + Storytelling to help ensure smooth growth. I was the strategic storyteller on the team, along with the Chief Strategy Officer and the Vice President for Real Estate.

After three weeks of research and interviews, co-leading a two-day, 21-person envisioning session and extensive consultation with the strategic experts on the team, I drafted a 50-page strategic storyline, which wove together logic and magic and brought to life the experiential vision that the envisioning session had uncovered. The document included everything from recreation opportunities to conservation, from real estate to operations. As with all E+S storylines, the original is confidential. This selection, however, was published on Sunday River’s site, to let the community know about its plans.

Project: Sunday River