IBIS: The Smart Path to Smarter Buildings

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In 2010, the nascent field of energy monitoring was barely known, let alone understood. A Silicon Valley start-up offered buildings an extremely comprehensive, yet simple, way to not only monitor their usage on a variety of metrics, but also to manage it remotely—all from a single screen. Their challenge was communicating the multifaceted nature of their product, as well as its myriad benefits.

Integrated Building Solutions hired Enlightened Brand to brand their business and to create messaging guidelines; I was contracted as the writer. We conducted market research, pored over interview transcripts of building managers (the people who needed IBIS) and became unexpected experts on ibis-the-avian. After we created the messaging, I wrote this brochure, as well as a separate one for data centers, and another for a specific event.

Client:Enlightened Brand End Client: IBIS/Integrated Building Solutions