2015 Canada Tourism Quality Index

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At 3.86 million square miles, Canada is the second-largest country by size. Within its bounds are a diversity of travel and tourism opportunities, and the country regularly welcomes more than one billion visitors annually. The industry is a major source of employment across the country, and there is a (usually) friendly rivalry between various cities and provinces.

Resonance Consultancy developed an algorithm that ranked the top 50 destinations in the country on a number of measurements, including Hotel, Food, Adventure, Culture and Sport. My task was to take the data, which resided in an Excel spreadsheet, and write chapters for each province and the three territories, using real-world statistics, analyses and illustrations to bring these rankings to life. Several hundred hours later, we had a 90-page report; I could’ve written a Jeopardy! category on Canadian tourism. (I’ll take Hotel Occupancy Rates for $800, Alex.)

  Client: Resonance Consultancy