Communication isn't just about what you say.

It's about reaching your audience using structure, language and style that resonates with them.

Storytelling for an Evolving World

A tide of consciousness is rising across the world, and it’s precipitating foundational shifts in how we perceive the universe, our planet, the way we live and work, our relationship with the natural world and, perhaps most of all, with each other.

Out of this transformation are growing new insights and innovations, ways to exchange the status quo for healthier ways of living, working and being. Yet because these innovative concepts and approaches have never before been articulated—and because some are borne of complex data—it can be difficult to know how to bring these stories to life.

That’s where I come in.

Storytelling that resonates with your audience

I weave your story and expertise together to create clear, compelling narrative (e.g., white papers, brochures, websites)

Maintain a clear, compelling voice

I’ll make sure your story and voice are consistent across multiple platforms and authors.

What's in a name? A story.

From etymology to linguistics, site history to ethnography, I’ll help you find a name that captivates investors and buyers.

“Sarah has not only a beautiful writing style but also brains: she has a unique ability to synthesize and simplify complex ideas and write about them in a way that’s both enjoyable and makes you instantly smarter. That’s valuable.”

- Dianna Carr, Vice President, Resonance Consultancy

Inspire your audience with evocative storytelling


Writing that’s as exceptional as your expertise, with a mixture of magic and logic.


By working with a limited number of clients, I’m able to focus deeply and discover how your story wants to be told.


From metaphysics to space technology, from thoughtful blog posts to inspiring books, I have written for nearly every medium and across a variety of industries.



Sarah is a brilliant writer. She digs deep in her research, pursuing obtuse angles that other writers would miss or ignore, allowing her to bring unique perspectives to her writing. As a keen learner, Sarah is always open to hearing new information and divergent points of view. The result is writing that engages and inspires her readers. I have heard a number of clients for whom she has written, express that hers is the best writing they have ever seen.”

David Gouthro, President, The Consulting Edge

Sarah took a lot of discombobulated material I had written and teased out the threads so that I can now take it and install a more coherent structure into my writing. On other projects, she has seen intuitively into what the reader would care about in the midst of what is quite complex material. I have had her review at least four of my writing projects and in every case, she has brought high value to the task. She is my go-to person for honest, gentle feedback and coaching.

Dawna Jones, Evolutionary Torchbearer